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Credit Risk Management fueled with Decisions

The Federal Reserve defines credit risk as the potential that a borrower or counterparty will fail to perform on an obligation. Under the umbrella of credit risk management comes the critical and sensitive origination decision.

In this webinar, we will illustrate specific use cases we encountered in credit origination.

On one hand, credit origination requires a bold strategy to increase the size of the portfolio. More credit cards or loans means more revenue. Accepting any request would be foolish though. Bringing analytics that will differentiate one applicant from the next is the opportunity to outperform your competitors. First, we will demonstrate how seamlessly these predictive models improve business performance.

In the face of uncertainty, decision making is not always pure science. Although you can measure the decision outcome made by your strategy, you cannot anticipate what comes next. For example, will the borrower pay back or go delinquent? Evidently out of your control, will the economy thrive or deteriorate? This webinar will explore how to address these unknowns in a safe manner.

Finally, due to the volatile nature of the business, we will tackle the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve. How do you measure constantly how well you perform? How soon can your experts be notified when the market turns?